About Us


Who We Are

High Quality Knives (HQK) is a website created for knife makers by knife makers. We understand the passion and frustrations. There are tens of thousands of very talented bladesmiths throughout the world that create works of art in small shops, garages and even outside. Many of these bladesmiths are limited on how and where to advertise and sell their work. You may be one of them. HQK solves that problem. HQK is the bridge between the bladesmith and the buyer, while leaving you, the bladesmith, in complete control. Join Us Today.

What We Do

Simple put, we connect you, the bladesmith with knife, axe, and blade collectors and buyers. We are constantly optimizing this site to get the best search engine placement results. We market the site in blade and knife magazines as well as websites. We promote this site, thereby promoting your work. Putting your work in front of as many buyers as possible, resulting in sales, is our objective. Now you can concentrate on doing what you love doing...."making knifes and let us do the marketing.

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How We Do It

By becoming a member, you'll be able to create your own personal page. You can promote that personal page link on your business cards, emails, wherever you want. As a bladesmith member, you may post as many works as you want on HQK. Buyers can browse your work and contact you by whatever contact means you allow. The price of your work is set by you. If you choose to accept the best offer, you can relay this under the blade description.